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Do not know where to even begin to help your business thrive? Please fill out this short Needs Assessment SURVEY.

This will help us guide you to the best subject-matter experts who can help develop strategic plans and coach you through executing the strategies they are developing with you. Coaching is for different stages:

  • Exploratory: For aspirational applicants trying to select a license type and define your business model. 
  • Planning: Targeted toward applicants ready to launch their business but need help creating a business plan. 
  • Operational licensees: Coaches can help you formulate and execute a strategy to achieve your targeted outcomes. 

Workforce Development: Need to assess, increase, or develop your workforce? Receive mentorship specific to your needs, like how to recruit, hire, train, and build your team while fulfilling LA’s “Good Faith Hiring Requirements.”

DCR is excited to announce our Workforce Wednesday and Supply Chain Virtual  Mixer. This event is an opportunity for Cannabis companies to connect with job seekers to fill hiring needs from entry-level to leadership roles, all while fulfilling LA’s Good Faith Hiring Requirements! 

DCR is hosting this mixer on the second Wednesday of November. You can also receive information on how to spotlight your company and schedule a 15-minute virtual assessment.

Supply Chain Networking for Businesses 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Workforce Development for Employers 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Register Here for the Virtual Mixer!


Employer Tool Kit

Check out the Employer Toolkit on DCR’s Licensed Employer’s Resources Page!

User Guide: Employer Hiring Toolkit

For your convenience, a guide of all of the employer assets included in this educational series is located in the City of Los Angeles Social Equity Program Shared Google Drive. The tools are arranged according to the “employee life cycle,” which follows the entire process of finding, hiring, and eventually offboarding an employee. 

Templates & Checklists: 

An employee lifecycle begins with you posting a new position available at your company. Once you post your job announcement, you will go through a recruitment process to assess potential candidates. Once you have selected a candidate, you will need to onboard them to your company’s policies and procedures and train them on the specifics of their position. 

Once a new employee is onboarded, you will need to document their performance and any disciplinary actions you may take during their employment. You will also want to work with your employees during their tenure at your company to advance their professional development by creating and executing a plan that grows their skills. 

Finally, all employees will eventually leave their positions. You will need to document this process called offboarding, which is the final component of an employee’s lifecycle. 

Employee Lifecycle: Employer Requirements in California 

A single source for what YOU need to know about: 

  • Resources for Hiring Employees
  • Compliance Responsibilities
  • Reporting
  • Determining Employee vs.Contractor
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Responding to Unemployment Claims
  • Covid-19 Safety in the Workplace 
  • CA Regulatory Agency Information

We are thrilled to offer over 300+ hours of free business, professional, and workforce development coaching with subject-matter experts from a wide range of expertise. 

Coaching is available in the following business formation categories: 

For Businesses that need specific expertise, please schedule a 15-Minute virtual assessment to determine the next steps and to find you the best subject-matter expert in the following categories:

  • Branding, marketing, security, risk analysis, and mitigation 
  • Cultivation - processing, supply chain strategy
  • Delivery - logistics, drivers, and dispatch
  • Manufacturing- formulations, sourcing, costing equipment,  supply chain
  • Distribution - logistics and track and trace compliance
  • Retail -  inventory supply chain, compliance, and customer relations
  • Workforce Development and HR
  • Check out the Employer Toolkit on DCR’s Licensed Employer’s Resources Page 

Don’t see the category of help you need on this list? Please take this short survey to help us help you!

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