Social Equity Program - Pro Bono Legal Services

The Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Cannabis Section, in partnership with DCR, has created a Pro Bono Legal Assistance program which will operate through the Bar Association’s Smart Law Referral Service for Social Equity Applicants.

The goals of this referral resource are to promote fair and equitable participation in the licensed commercial cannabis industry, and to foster a level playing field as it relates to access to legal counsel, and help deter predatory practices targeting the social equity community. 

This referral service is available ONLY to Social Equity Applicants who applied in Phase 3 Retail Round 1 and were determined eligible for further processing under Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 104.06.1(b). Depending on demand and availability, these services may be expanded to other applicants in the future. 

If you are a Phase 3 Social Equity Individual Applicant with an application deemed eligible for further processing and interested in receiving limited pro bono legal services, please complete the online survey titled “Pro Bono Legal Services Survey.” You must complete the required information in the Pro Bono Legal Services Survey and upload the Authorization Agreement to the survey to complete the survey process.